Content Creation & Content Distribution – ESM Symposium

Topics: Consumerization of IT Customer Mobile

April 3, 2015 • Tuck School of Business

The 7th annual Entertainment, Sports and Media Club’s Symposium will be held on Friday, April 3rd. This year’s symposium will look at the changing industry landscape as it regards both content creation as well as content distribution. Panelists include executives from ESPN, Legendary Entertainment, the NBA, and YouTube. This event is hosted by the student-run Entertainment, Sports & Media Club at the Tuck School of Business and is supported by the Center for Digital Strategies.

Panel I
This panel will center on the contrast between consumer demands and artistic interests and tradition. This contrast exists in the desire to incorporate market research into film storylines or to modify rules in sports to improve the appeal on television. The panel will discuss the merits of making these consumer‐driven adjustments to improve the content that is sold. Featuring panelists from ESPN, St. Louis Rams and Legendary Pictures.

Panel II
This panel will feature a conversation regarding the future of how consumers receive content. In the digital world, entertainment, sports, and media franchises can reach consumers through computers, tablets, phones, and other devices beyond television. The panel will discuss how organizations such as Netflix look to reach consumers directly instead of through intermediaries like television corporations. Featuring panelists from the NBA, Univision and YouTube.


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