Tech Bytes to Know this Week: 5.5.2016

May 5th, 2016

Topics: AI & Machine Learning Big Data / Analytics Blockchain / Distributed Trust Marketing / Sales Privacy

Instagram Expands Brand Capabilities – Following parent company Facebook’s example, Instagram is set to expand the functionality for brands looking to reach customers by adding contact functionality (via email) and location information that integrates with map apps. The addition of location/map functionality points toward the SMB market as a big target for the new profile – and that it could potentially compete with local discovery apps like Yelp in industries that are already using the platform to disseminate content. TechCrunch has an overview of the new profile designs, including screenshots.
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Financial Services Firms Moving Forward with Blockchain Technology – Earlier this week executives from several financial services companies, including firms like Citigroup and Nasdaq, met to review the potential of blockchain technology in financial transactions. The blockchain is most frequently associated with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, but the underlying technology has many more possible applications ranging from trading platforms to electronic medical records. Despite the current hesitation over Bitcoin (for good reason) any firms that deal in secure transactions need to start exploring blockchain.
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IBM Brings Quantum Computing to the Masses – Despite Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent quantum computing moment in the sun, IBM’s announcement this week that it’s opening up its quantum computing service to the masses is a critical step in the process of realizing a working quantum computer. While the possibilities created by quantum computing are esoteric to say the least, by creating a usable interface and allowing other experts to test the technology IBM is (hopefully) accelerating its progress.
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In Case You Missed It: The Secret Rules of the Internet – The Verge posted an excellent piece recently on how the tech industry is wielding unprecedented power to shape the future of free speech via content curation and moderation. It’s definitely worth a read.
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