2018 Bold Digital Predictions from Our Students

January 18th, 2018

Topics: eCommerce Platforms Products / Services Virtual Reality Security

As students return from break and we enter a new calendar year, it’s always fun to brainstorm and jot down your predictions of what may happen during the next twelve months in the world of digital. This year we asked students affiliated with the center; the second-year MBA Fellows, the first-year MBA Associates, for their bold predictions.

Keep in mind, this is a fun exercise, these are not research-based It will be exciting to follow these as the year progresses. We hope you enjoy reading these predictions as much as we have had thinking them up.

We would love your feedback, we have a poll on Yammer (open to the Tuck community). A prize will be awarded to the student who wrote the prediction which gets the most votes. If you’d like to learn more about our student programs and how we engage with our students here at Tuck, please feel free to reach out our Assistant Director, Patrick Wheeler. Here is to an exciting, innovative, and digital 2018!

Amazon has a huge year

“Amazon will acquire Wayfair.” – T’18 student

“Apple/Google/Amazon will launch their own cryptocurrencies.” – Yinong Ding T’19

“Following FCC’s decision on abolishing net neutrality, traditional internet companies will create internet bundles. In response, the top tech companies will partner with each other to launch a neutral internet service.” – Vrashank Jain T’18

“HQ2 will be in Boston.” – T’18 student


The comeback of AR/VR

“AR headsets will make a meaningful return in 2018 (i.e. consumer focused Google Glass will enter the market at a more reasonable price.” – Marcus Morgan T’19

“There will be experiential rooms in gyms that combine exercise and fun virtual settings (e.g. climbing the mountain, running in the jungle).” – Yinong Ding T’19

“A traditional publisher will announce a virtual reality companion device for audiobooks, to not only hear the story but also visualize its settings and environment.” – Stephanie Yera T’18

“My technological prediction for 2018 is that some version of video recording contact lenses will be released. Like Snapchat Spectacles but as contacts so you can record and relive your moments.” – Jenna Romeo T’19


Blockchain continues to mature

“A mainstream application for blockchain will be discovered and companies will rush to create industry-specific blockchains.” – T’18 student

“Major US College accepts bitcoin for tuition payment.” – Ricardo Mendonca T’18


The decline of traditional banking

“The commercial banks will shut down branches because most of the issues can be solved through online banking.“ – Yinong Ding T’19


Parcel & food delivery evolves

“There will be a UAV delivery startup for door-to-door delivery in the city. It will be widely used for parcels and food delivery.” – Yinong Ding T’19


Our power grids are susceptible

“I hate to be a downer, but I think there’s going to be something bad related to power plants and/or power grids. I think leading up to the election, we’ll see network security for utilities become more visible and there will be a push to upgrade old systems.” – Rebecca Harvey T’19


iPixel speaker?

“Apple will need to partner with Google (Google Assistant) in order to compete in the smart speaker market.” – T’18 student

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