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Wicked Hard Decisions w/Gib Biddle T’91 of NerdWallet, Netflix and Chegg

October 10, 2016

In the era of digital customers, making key strategic decisions is a significant challenge for organizations. Such was the case for Netflix when former VP of Product, Gib Biddle, was a senior member of the team helping make those decisions.

nerdwallet-logo-newGib shared with the Center the thought process and reason behind major decisions made at Netflix during the early years of the company and why the stakes for getting it wrong are even higher today than ever. He explored how making “Wicked Hard Decisions” is even more challenging in the era of digital customers.

gib biddle netflixGibson Biddle, also known as Gib, served as the Chief Product Officer at Chegg, Inc. since May 2010. He now serves as Executive-in-Residence for Product at NerdWallet. He served as Senior Vice President of Product Development at both Mattel and The Learning Company, as well as Vice President of Product Development at He also served as Vice President of Product Development at two successful startups: Creative Wonders (an Electronic Arts/Disney joint venture sold to The Learning Company) and FamilyWonder (an entertainment destination sold to SEGA). He served as Senior Vice President of Product at Chegg, Inc. He began his career as a Producer at Electronic Arts, and has an MBA from Dartmouth College (Tuck) and a BA from Amherst College.

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