The Dartmouth AI Conference | September 29, 2023

The Dartmouth AI Conference | September 29, 2023

About the Dartmouth AI Conference

September 29, 2023 marked the first Dartmouth AI Conference, hosted by the Tuck School of Business. The day was filled with an extraordinary blend of intellect, innovation, and networking at the historical birthplace of Artificial Intelligence: Dartmouth College. This year, our event honored Dartmouth’s rich history in AI, from the seminal 1956 Dartmouth Workshop on AI to today’s groundbreaking efforts across numerous sectors.

The visionaries, thought leaders, and industry experts dove deep into pressing issues, sparked insightful conversations, and inspired actionable change. Participants gained invaluable insights, expanded their network, and positioned themselves as a driving force in the AI-enabled future.

Read T’24 Amna Sohail’s key takeaways of this year’s conference on the Tuck360 blog!

At the Dartmouth AI Conference, attendees:

  • Connected with pioneers and emerging talent in AI
  • Learned about cutting-edge advancements and applicationsof AI across various sectors
  • Participated in critical conversations about ensuring AI benefits society and mitigates risks
  • Networked with Dartmouth’s diverse and vibrant community – students, faculty, staff, and alumni
  • Discovered why Dartmouth remains a leader in AI, fostering innovation and driving the conversation on responsible AI development

The Dartmouth AI Conference: Celebrate the legacy. Be part of the future. Let’s build a world where AI serves humanity, together.

Watch sessions from the Dartmouth AI Conference via the playlist below or on the Center for Digital Strategies’ YouTube Channel.



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