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February 3rd, 2017

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Tech Bytes

Facebook Aims to Become Video Powerhouse and Compete Head-to-Head with YouTube – Coming off a monster quarter buoyed by the Presidential election and its user base approaching two billion accounts, Facebook announced it is continuing to push into video. Facebook recently created a tab in its mobile app dedicated to video and CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the case for more episodic and long-form content on the platform during its earnings call this week. Given Facebook already dominates mobile ad revenue it shouldn’t be a surprise the company also wants a larger cut of TV advertising as well. Expect further details, and more video, coming soon.

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#DeleteUber Demonstrates Power of Customers, CEO Forced to Quit Trump’s Business Council – The relationship between Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and President Trump caused large numbers of Uber users to delete the app and move to rival, Lyft following a social media campaign using the hashtag #deleteuber. Volume leaving the service has grown enough that the company introduced an automated feature to delete accounts without approval by the company. The campaign even lead to Kalanick quitting the President’s business council to satisfy customers.

The controversy demonstrates the shift in power customers now have in the digital world. Supported by social media, customers are increasingly leveraging their power to drive change and dictate strategy at the companies with which they do business. It’s why the center is focusing on the changing dynamics between businesses and customers in our Britt Technology Impact Series this year.

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An AI Machine Just Whooped the Best Poker Players in the World – Researchers have built an AI machine that outplayed some of the best poker players in the world in an extended trial focused on Texas Hold ‘Em. The machine, Liberatus, used three different AI technologies and systems, demonstrating not only deep learning from neural networks and number crunching, but pattern recognition turned inward to avoid developing patterns. The win points to how fast AI is developing capabilities and why many are seeing it as both the future and a potential risk if used improperly.

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Drone Use Cases Continue to Expand, Not Always in Positive Ways – As we head into the Super Bowl, The FAA is placing restrictions on the use of drones within 35 miles of the Houston Stadium that will host the big game. The threat of drone attacks was thrust into the spotlight this week when news outlets reported on the use of drones by the Islamic State to spot and guide suicide bombers in Iraq. The FAA went so far as to create a video campaign advising drone hobbyists of the temporary ban during the Super Bowl:

It’s not all bad news for drones, however. The FAA approved the first ever drone permit to fly at a major US airport this week. The drone will be used by a construction company set to demolition a parking structure at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Additional use cases are constantly being developed, including all different kinds of asset management and agricultural support. The question of future rules on drone use are still up in the air, but working within the current restrictions is paying off for many firms, leaving all sorts of companies thinking more about their drone strategies.

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