Introducing the T’24 CDS MBA Associates

November 4th, 2022

The Center for Digital Strategies (CDS) is thrilled to announce the cohort of exceptional first-year students who will join the Center’s MBA Associates program this year. These T’24s bring a range of experiences from their diverse backgrounds but are unified in their desire to understand the impact of digital technologies on the business world.

The CDS’s MBA Associates program provides an opportunity for students to bring their knowledge and experience to digital-focused content discussions with their peers and the center team. Weekly, student-led sessions focus on current digital strategy topics. Past discussions focused on a diverse range of topics including personal data ownership and data privacy, DAOs and blockchain technology, and the impact of tech in emerging markets.

Now in its sixth year, we decided to expand the MBA Associates Program to mirror the explosive growth in student interest in technology and digital strategies. The interest among students, combined with an increase in pre-MBA experience in tech and digital strategy roles, enabled the center to rethink our approach and expand the opportunities for Tuck students seeking the kinds of learning taking place in the MBA Associates Program.

This year, we’re pleased to introduce the following 41 students as T’24 CDS MBA Associates:

Allie Forlenza
Ally Syed
Amanda Buontempo
Amna Sohail
Andrea Lau
Andy Watson
Ava Pavao
Becca Robinson
Ben Marshall
Ben Romero
Beth Bollinger
Betty Tran
Cameren McGinn
Chirag Kataruka
Claire Gaffney
Cordelia Prouvost
Ed Adegboye
Greg Jacobson
Hilary Fitzsimmons
Hope Matthews
Jake Goldklang
Jerome Delmotte
Juhi Patel
Laura D’Angelo
Leslie Akplah
Manasa Buddharaju
Marisa Baglaneas
Marnie Wallach
Max Eberhart
Meghna Ananta
Mya Snyder
Nneka Ajewole
Olakunle Alao
Renna Traboulsi
Ruchi Gayakwad
Shane Kim
Tatum Bradley
Thomas Lucy
Tim Wong
Weiran Zeng
Zalman Bernstein

The group embodies our core values in the center, and is a model for the power of building networks with diversity as a core strength. Over the course of the academic year, these students will lead discussions on diverse topics of their choosing, tackling the uncertainty that lies at the intersection of emerging technologies and strategic decision making that are the hallmarks of strong leadership in the future of work.

The group above brings with them decades of combined experience at companies as diverse as PayPal, ByteDance, Kaiser Permanente, Black Rock, Ally Financial, the US Marine Corps, Cisco Systems, Silicon Valley Bank, HubSpot, and Glossier, among others.

We’re incredibly excited to kick off the program next week with our first content discussion as a group!

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