Meet Our Fellows: Eva Grant T’22

June 10th, 2022


Eva Grant


Hanover, NH

What did you do prior to Tuck?

Before Tuck, I advised CPG and technology companies in product strategy at GutCheck, a consumer insights start-up

What are your post-Tuck plans ?

Next, I will be joining Liberty Mutual in their Corporate Development Program (a 2-year rotational program) to explore how insurance can best leverage digital technologies across the business.

What made you want to be part of the CDS fellows program? What is the best part about being involved with the center?

I wanted to be a fellow after taking Digital Change Strategies with Professor Alva Taylor, the Center’s faculty director. During the class, Professor T hosted Friday coffee chats focused on sharing perspectives and asking questions about current events we were following in tech. These causal but rigorous discussions opened my eyes to the power of curiosity at Tuck and showed me that CDS could be a great outlet for continuing these conversations.

What has been the biggest growth moment or moment where you stepped out of your comfort zone? What did you learn from that experience?

Eva Grant T’22 with other fellows and the Red Ventures team in Puerto Rico, March 2022

Planning and executing our CDS trek to Puerto Rico March 2022 was my biggest growth moment at Tuck. I was highly motivated to organize a trek with the center so that we could extend the center’s experiential learning opportunities back to pre-COVID norms. I worked closely with Patrick Wheeler (Executive Director of CDS), Lisa Miller (Director of Tuck’s Global Insight Expeditions), and other fellows to make this trek a reality. This trek pushed me to act on the team best practices that we explored in our core classes. I was stretched to lead in new environments and make decisions without perfect information.

What class at Tuck pushed your thinking the most?

I recommend that everyone take Taxes and Business Strategy with Professor Leslie Robinson. This class on its face is about how businesses navigate tax policies. However, the discussions in the classroom were a rich exploration of the ethics of taxation. The questions we raised about what is legal versus what is right will stay with me far into my life beyond Tuck.

What CDS learning opportunities or experiences have you learned the most from across your time at Tuck?

I’ve already shared about the transformative CDS Trek to PR, so in answering this question I’d like to plug another fantastic CDS experience: ‘Digital Drop-ins’. These are off-the-record conversations between current CDS-fellows and alumni. The best part of ‘Digital Drop-ins’ is the level of nuance that we can explore. Having set the expectation that this is an off the cuff chat, the topics explored and questions asked flow organically and provide wonderful surprise insights.

What advice do you have for Tuck students interested in tech- and digitally-focused career pathways?

Come to Tuck with an open mind about what it means to work for “a tech company.” Most companies have a digital technology facet and need to invest in that component of their business heavily in the coming years to remain competitive.

What other activities are you involved at Tuck?

While at Tuck, I prioritized getting involved in small teams with big impact. I joined the student board as the Club Chair and as a Finance Committee member. I was the revenue officer on the T’22 team running the student-managed food truck “TheBox”. Beyond these teams, I was a part of our Tuck Pride club, the Outdoors club, and Literati (the book club at Tuck).

What books are you reading, podcasts are you listening to, or shows are you watching?

I have been enjoying (in no particular order) “The Peripheral” by William Gibson, “The Fifth Season” by N.K. Jemisin, “Disposable City” by Mario Alejandro Ariza, and any episode of the “The Ezra Klein Show”.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love a hosting dinner parties with friends, hand-building ceramics, visiting museums, and getting outside as much as possible.

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