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5G Use Cases: Hype vs. Reality

Presentation by CDS MBA Fellow, Nikilesh Eswarapu T’19, provides an overview of hyped 5G use cases and evaluates each for feasibility to help you av...

Computing in the 3rd Dimension: 3D Imaging, Scanning & Printing at HP, Inc.

Rama Oruganti T’09 General Manager, 3D Scanning and Product Management HP, Inc. Join the Center for Digital Strategies in welcoming HP, Inc. Gen...

Student Discussion of Center Digital Deep Dive Trip to China

The Center for Digital Strategies traveled to Shanghai and Hangzhou, China in December of 2018 to immerse students in the Chinese tech scene and learn...

Digital Deep Dive: Center for Digital Strategies Visits China

Alison Dieringer, Yinong Ding, Alex Pandrangi, Patrick Wheeler

In our first meeting as second year CDS MBA Fellows this past fall, we crowdsourced a list of “must know” technology companies: Ping An, an insura...

Digital Deep Dive: China

This past December, the Center for Digital Strategies and a small group of T’19s traveled to Shanghai and Hangzhou, China to explore digital strateg...

McNamee T’82 Talks Tesla Stock After Musk Promises

August 2018

Center Co-Founder Talks the Future of Tesla

July 2018

The End of Focus: A New Wave of Manufacturers Will Choose Scope Over Scale

MIT Sloan Review | March 29, 2017

Makerspaces: Preparing Children to be Productive and Innovative Workers

Don Castle, Executive Fellow

Have you heard about Makerspaces? It not totally new, but it is new to me. Makerspaces are fairly open areas for kids (or adults) to conceive of an in...

Tech Bytes to Know this Week: 10.4.2016

Patrick Wheeler, Program Manager

Exploding washing machines, a new Marketplace by Facebook, and a CXOtalk on Gender Diversity.

The Digital Enterprise and Changing Business Models

Our world is increasingly digitized, characterized by pervasive connectivity of people and things and overwhelming amounts of data. Advances in artifi...

The Enterprise Applications of Virtual Reality

Alex Russell, T’15, Product Manager, Google

Research done by CDS Alumni Fellow Alex Russell T’15, Product Manager at Google, offers insight on the adoption of virtual reality technologies ...

6 Amazing Technologies – and when you can expect them!

Hans Brechbuhl, Executive Director

A new Forum report, Deep Shift: Technology Tipping Points and Societal Impact, predicts 21 dates in the future when previously unimaginable innovation...

Deep Shift: 21 Ways Software Will Transform Global Society

Hans Brechbühl co-authored this World Economic Forum report on the impact of software on society with fellow Global Agenda Council members.

E Ink Looks Beyond E-Readers

MIT Technology Review / November 2013

10 Top Tech Gadgets for the Holidays

MSN Money / November 2012

New Entry in Tablet Wars: Toys ‘R’ Us

Wall Street Journal / September 2012


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