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Digital business models refer to leveraging digital technologies to either transform or create new businesses, go-to-market approaches, and/or product and service combinations. This often results in a redefinition or reordering of the value chain and/or approach to the customer, thus altering or offering a new customer value proposition or new monetization path. At the CDS, we seek to understand the nature and type of these changes in model or approach and the role technology plays in enabling them.

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The Future of HubSpot: A Discussion with Co-Founder and CEO, Brian Halligan

In this fireside chat, moderated by Tuck Professor Lauren Grewal, HubSpot Co-Founder and CEO, Brian Halligan, shares his views on the company’s grow...

Powering the Clean Energy Revolution Using Blockchain Technology

CleanEnergyBlockchainNetwork Co-founder and VP, Frank Curran, discusses how the organization serves electricity users, utilities and ISOs by creating ...

Self-driving Cars and the Future of the Automotive Sector

Tuck alumnus, Stern NYU Professor, and Automotive Industry Director for Google, Kyle Keogh discusses the future of the auto sector and the impact emer...

Chatbots and the Strategic Value of Conversational Marketing

Drift VP of Operations, Will Collins T’16, talks about chatbots and the impact of conversational marketing on business. Conversational marketing is ...

Autonomous Vehicle and its Value Creation to User Experience with Robin Hwang T’18

The promise of autonomous vehicles is immense and the race to build the dominant platform is in full swing in Silicon Vally and around the globe. Howe...

Consumer Internet & the Strategic Importance of Hardware with Jodine Gordon T’18

As software eats the world, what role does hardware play in enabling business strategy? MBA Fellow, Jodine Gordon T’18 tackled that question in her ...

The Ripple Effect on Cryptocurrency

Today the world sends more than $155 trillion across borders. Yet, the underlying infrastructure is dated and flawed. Ripple connects banks, payment p...

Measuring Data in a Cross-Platform World

David Chemerow T’75 talks about the many ways data is helping media companies make better decisions. At comScore, and previously as COO and CFO ...


Own Your Personal Brand

By the time I reached the bottom of the mountain, a “retire so you can rewire” vision was already forming in my head. I knew it was time to end my decades as a corporate leader, and to focus 100% of my time on the parts of my work that brought me passion, without the – at times numbing – tasks and politics of corporate life.


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How MuleSoft Connects the World’s Applications, Data, and Devices

As businesses become more complex, so do their software applications, systems, and hardware. Connecting disparate IT systems is incredibly difficult. ...

How HubSpot Uses Automation to Help Humanize Sales and Marketing

Many SMBs grow their businesses by acquiring more customers and diversifying their product and service offerings. Unfortunately, it’s challenging fo...

Data-Driven Digital Transformation with CEO and Co-Founder of Rocana, Omer Trajman

Omer Trajman is a proponent of total operational visibility as the cornerstone of digital transformation, inspiring CIOs to realize new ways of delive...

Digital Health with Yuki Aoyama T’17

Watch MBA Fellow, Yuki Aoyama T’17, presents findings from his MBA Fellows research project on digital health. Yuki explores the digital health land...

The Rise of Modern Freelancing with Nick McGowan T’17

Watch MBA Fellow, Nick McGowan T’17, present findings from his MBA Fellows research project on the rise of freelancing and project-based work. Nick ...

Enhancing Live Events through Digital Customer Engagement

In this Britt Technology Impact Series session, Kurt Schneider, former Harlem Globetrotters CEO and WWE SVP of Marketing discussed the best practices ...

Digital Customers: The Difference between Genuine Fans & Ticket Buyers

Digital technologies are the platforms we can use to connect with fans, but just as important is the message and brand you create to generate those ge...

The Importance of Branding and Live Events

Live events are no longer a “2D experience”. Digital technology allows companies and brands to create 3D touchpoints that enhance event experience...

Social Media & Live Event Brand Risks

Harlem Globetrotters used social media to “allow a new generation to see, access, and fall in love with the brand itself”. Learn how the company e...

Wicked Hard Decisions in the Era of Customer Centricity

Watch the Britt Technology Impact Series interactive session by former Netflix VP of Product, Gibson Biddle T’91. Gib explores a series of decisions...

Transforming Evernote in the Era of Customer Centricity with Chris O’Neill, Evernote

Watch the Britt Technology Impact Series lecture by Evernote CEO, Chris O’Neill T01. In this session, Chris shares  with the audience what he’s l...

Winning in the Age of the Customer with Ted Schadler, Forrester Research

September 13, 2016 Watch the Britt Technology Impact Series lecture given by Ted Schadler, Forrester Research VP and coauthor of The Mobile Mind Shift...


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